"When my wife gave me one of Gill's pastels for my birthday, I wept. I think it was both astonishing and a feeling of being graced. It wasn't just any pastel, though I might have wept over any gift of a work by Gill; it was a picture of an eastern painted turtle on a log before a backdrop of long grasses. We have a camp on a pond where I sit for hours gazing at the water using my binoculars to find the many painted turtles that can be seen basking in the sun. But Gill's pastel is startling beyond my personal turtle totemism. The glade is shadowed, but the sun angles in to bounce off the turtle's shell. The rich full-summer colors draw me in. Though the turtle is the focal point, one's eye is drawn to the surround, the scene. I love this picture. I call it sublime."
David Patterson
"I'm looking at the painting, Discovery, hanging on my wall. It depicts the synthesis of childhood innocence and utter concentration. The sea, the sand and the breakers are perfectly rendered but the delicate child is so focused on the object of discovery that the rest of the world has fallen away - painfully poignant and heart-opening.".
Cathy MacDonald
"Your pastel is hanging over our bed in the house at the cape. The colors and the beauty of the flowers create a peaceful welcome each time we enter the room. We love it! Thank you for sharing your talent and the work you created with us."
Nancy Hansen
monadnock gateway
"We love Gill's work. The painting that we own of hers is wonderfully ephemeral image of birches in the foreground with a mountain rising in the background, Reminiscent of the Cornish Art Colony. Had there been women in soft flowing gowns, I would have said it was Maxfield Parrish. Yet, greater than that, so delicate and so soft."
Jane Larmon
Food for the Soull
"Food for the Soul"', shown at Keene State's Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, is lovely - one of my favorites there. The figures are full of life, which is what I look for in any painting."
Loise Rath
Vermont Flower Farm
"Love your website and great to see your collection of work in one fell swoop with all the trimmings. A meditative retreat and feast for the eyes and the inclination to dwell in nature's bounty... Vermont Flower Farm is still one of my favorites, but have been savoring a lot of new ones I had not seen before. Your paintings seem to be deepening in their attention to details and capturing that moment in time, especailly the sentiment of the seasons. But most compelling, the nostalgic residue that lingers after viewing them."