Gift a Commission from a Special Photo:


What makes it special?

As an artist, I have had the pleasure of meeting many buyers of my work at various art shows in the New England area. I am always interested in what draws them to a specific painting out of the many that hang on my exhibit walls. They may scan my entire collection, but then return to take a closer look at one in particular, to spend time with it. I can tell that this painting speaks to them in some special way. So, when someone buys one of my pastels, I love to know: Why this one?

Emotional Significance

Though some are looking for specific colors or subject matter to complement a certain space, more often it is that the scene reminds them of a special place from their childhood, or one shared with good friends, a spouse or their children. For some it represents a personal retreat. Whatever the unique personal story, the landscape represents a way to hold on to those memories of a special place and time.

Your Vision, A Lasting Treasure

When someone asks the location depicted in a painting, it may not be what was imagined. Do not let that stop you! If this is the case, I can work with you to create your vision for a special work of art by visiting the location myself, if in the area, or by talking with you and using your photographs. A commissioned piece of original artwork would be a wonderful gift for someone special in your life, and will last forever.

THE GIFT OF MEMORIES —A Christmas gift to a son for his new home. This pond was where he had shared wonderful memories of fishing with his grandfather, and winter activities with his family. Not having any summer pictures of the pond, I went to photograph it after a new snowfall and offered them choices of potential images. They were thrilled with the result.
songs for saint gaudens -image
SONGS FOR SAINT GAUDENS —Commissioned by a Vermont a cappella group to bring as a gift to their French sister chorus who hosted and performed with them in the Loire Valley during the summer of 2013. This scene was chosen because it was the location of a previous concert with the French chorus during their visit with Vermont chorus in 2010.
whose woods these are -image
WHOSE WOODS THESE ARE —Some moments are so quiet, peaceful and lovely. This one was especially so because the hikers were the first ones on the snow covered trail, or so they thought until they saw bear tracks! A memorable experience that they wanted to treasure.
WELCOME TO A WORLD OF DELIGHT —Staff members wanted to celebrate their director’s retirement with a gift of one of my paintings and asked that I create one depicting her beautiful gardens, which she loves. It was early in the season so I had to work with photographs, from which I created an interpretation of the beauty that she has nurtured and created, with more to come as she enters this exciting phase of her life.